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  • MULTIPURPOSE NON-SLIP DESIGN - Never button a shirt to secure it on a hanger again, clip it, and it stays. Our non-slip finish that offers better grip and easier removal than felt, velvet, or rubber.


  • HANG ANY GARMENT - The Kangaroo acts as a PANTS hanger, SHIRT hanger, STRAP DRESS hanger, SUIT hanger, TOWEL hanger, or JACKET hanger.


  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGN - Break-resistant, bend-not-shatter high-strength recycled material allows for a guilt-free, heavy duty hanger that will carry even the heaviest jackets.


  • RECYCLED ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL - The hanger is made from 100% recycled and recyclable high-strength material, allowing you to do your part in saving the planet. Our 100% recycled, and recyclable high-strength material gives you piece of mind that you are doing your part in saving the planet and paying it forward towards our future!


  • ABOUT KANGAROO™ - Why can't hangers be easy? Our mission: Make a simple, eco-friendly hanger that's infinitely easier to use.  Built by a Mechanical Engineer and Product Designer fed up with their constantly breaking, annoying, flimsy, and  planet-destroying hangers.  After years of development, testing, and perfecting, the Kangaroo Hanger™ was born.

    RECYCLED MATERIALS NOTE: While our 100% recycled material is very strong, as with any recycled material, it does react to temperature, and also has recyclable imperfections. The hanger is designed to last, assuming you are using it as intended. I would advise against doing stress-tests or bend tests especially right after you bring the hangers from outdoors. A change in temperature like this will cause the material to be more brittle until it warms up. And please remember that any stress tests you do are at your own risk of breaking the hanger. As I have mentioned, it's strong, but not indestructible and will last a long time if used as intended.

Heavy Duty Hangeroo™ by Kangaroo (10 Pack)


15% off If you order 5 or more 10-Packs!


-  $3/each

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